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To the Attention of Other University Students Who Want to Take Advantage of the Digital Facilities of Our University

As per the letter of Higher Education Council dated 22.05.2020 and numbered E.31978, alternative online access ways for students who do not have internet infrastructure and sufficient technical facilities due to the fact that the 2019-2020 spring semester final, make-up and other exams cannot be held face to face. computer and internet access opportunities of the Ministry of National Education and other public institutions were asked to be used, primarily the university units in the location of the student.
In this context, students who want to complete their exams at the campus of our university must fill out the form below and report to our Student Affairs Office at least three days before the exam date via e-mail to oidb@bakircay.edu.tr. At the entrance to our campus, the use of the existing technological and digital facilities will be permitted, provided that the student ID card is presented and the pandemic rules are followed.
Click for Campus Usage Request Form.